Red Hot Date Spots

The Drive-In Duo: Located in the City of Industry, this date option will accommodate any couple who wants to spend a cozy evening in the comfort of their own car. For $9, the Pacifi c Theaters Vineland Drive-in charges about the same as a regular movie theater; however, you get to watch two movies instead of one. The movie selection consists of eight recent movies, most of which are playing in theaters. You won’t have to worry about sound because this drive-in movie theater provides Dolby Stereo Sound through the FM radio in your car. Just make sure that your car battery is fully charged! The theater opens at 7 p.m., but get there early to get a good spot.

The Sushi Set: Most couples can agree that an intimate dinner makes for a romantic evening. However, finding new places to eat is difficult. Honda-Ya, also located in the City of Industry, is a Japanese restaurant with a unique feature: a tatami room. For those unfamiliar with tatami rooms, these seating areas are furnished with low tables and cushions so you can sit on the fl oor. Locals highly recommend their Yakitori selection for its wide variety. You and your signifi cant other can experience the joys of eating at a whole new level.

The Three-Pointer Twosome: For sporty couples, watching a basketball game on Valentine’s Day would be the perfect date idea. The Lakers vs. Clippers game at the Staples Center falls on Valentine’s Day, so you can watch the game and celebrate Valentine’s Day simultaneously. You can purchase tickets anywhere from the Lakers’ official website to If you’re lucky, you may even get a chance to share your exciting day with the entire arena on the kiss cam!