I Love Me My Loofah

Tired of seeing the same old superhero and nerd costumes year after year? Do you want to be unique, but not a disgustingly gory sight with stitches and fake blood that repel people away? Well, why not be a loofah! A puffy, fluffy, pleasantly bubbly, bath sponge that is sure to be the most adorable and comfortable costume of 2013. Just follow these simple steps to reach your long-dreamed, Halloween perfection:

Materials: 16 – 24 yards of tulle material, Yarn or string, Stretchy material (like nylon elastic waistband or a stretchy head band, Scissors, Ruler, Tape


1.Lay out the tulle material flat on the floor. You need to cut out 8 equal pieces of tulle, so divide the total length by 8. (Mine was 16 yards; 16/8 = 2, so each piece measured 2 yards).

2.Tape the edge of the tulle to the floor, measure 2 yards using a ruler and fold back and forth, taping the edge of each section as you fold to secure the material from slipping around.

3.After they are folded 7 times, cut the folded ends on both sides.

4.Take one section of tulle material and fold it into thirds, then into half.

5.Scrunch up the middle and tie a knot with a string or yarn, leaving the ends at least 2~3 inches long.

6.Repeat step 4-5 for the other sections of tulle.

7.Tie the ends of the strings on the tulle onto the elastic band in double knots.

image0068.Wearing a tube-top dress or t-shirt and shorts under, put on the elastic bands—one on your waist, another right below the chest.

image0079.Pull out the tulle near the center of the tie to puff it up like a loofah. Repeat for all sections.

10.You can also choose to wear long sleeve tees and colored tights under.

The dress may flatten throughout the day but simply crumple it up with your hands to make them puffy again!