DIY: Capri Sun Beach Bag

Step 1: Collect empty Capri Sun pouches.

Step 2: Wash them in the sink with water, squeezing out all the residual liquid inside the pouches and flattening them out with your hands so that juice will not come out while you’re making the bag.

Step 3: Lay out the pouches faced down, side by side to form a rectangle of your desired size. You can make the bag as small or as large as you prefer. (I did a 3 x 2).

Step 4: Cut out a piece of duct tape equivalent to the height of one drink pouch. Carefully place the duct tape between two pouches lying side by side. Repeat this step to make one full row; then make another row.

Step 5: Ask someone to hold the two rows of pouches together while you take a large strip of duct tape and gently place it between the two rows, attaching them to each other.

Step 6: Repeat steps 2 to 4 to create another rectangle that will become the other side of the bag.

Step 7: After you have finished making two equal sized rectangles, lay the two sides back to back. Use duct tape to tape together the bottom and sides of the rectangles. Be careful to line the tape parallel to the side edges because the tape (especially if you choose to use a colored duck tape) is going to be visible.

Step 8: Punch two holes along the center, top edge of one side. After one set of holes are made, mark the holes on the other side so the holes on both sides will align.

Step 9: Cut out two pieces of ribbon of the same length. Insert each end of the string through each hole from the outside of the bag. Double knot them together on the inside. Repeat this step for the other side, making sure that the handles are symmetrical and even in length.

And there you have it! Your all-original DIY Capri Sun tote!