Wanted: Responsible Leadership on Campus

Student leaders should uphold higher ethics and display appropriate conduct.

A leadership position in any organization is a coveted role, both for those with a natural inclination to lead a group of people, as well as for those who need that title on their college applications. However, a leadership position bears a lot of responsibilities that seem to have been forgotten.

Recently, a few students were caught vandalizing school property. These students were then suspended as per the Brahma Code of Conduct. The thing is, though, these students are more than just our usual peers around campus. These students hold important leadership roles at Diamond Bar High School, including those elected to their posts by the student body.

It is these kinds of transgressions that bring negative attention, not only to one’s self, but also to everyone involved in your organization. When you are a leader, your actions speak for more than just yourself.

Your actions make a statement about the clubs you are a part of and the groups you represent. As the president, vice president, or any other cabinet position, it is now you who carries the name of your organization.

It is also now your duty to ensure that your organization is held in the best light possible—not just for you, but for the future generations that wish to carry it on. It would be extremely detrimental to future members whose organizations have garnered bad reputations prior to them ever being a part of such activities.

It’s true that for many, these positions of president or treasurer or secretary mean little more than just another activity one could list on his or her college applications. This is an unfortunate problem that seems to dominate the school’s extracurricular scene.

As a leader, your position carries a significantly larger amount of weight than just any other person. Your actions are larger. Your voice is louder. Whether it is vandalizing school property, ditching, or any other transgression of the rules, the effects of these actions resonate all throughout the walls of Diamond Bar High. Your peers may question the quality of the establishment that you lead.

It is understandable that a leadership position looks appealing on your college applications. However, a leadership position has to mean more than that. It has to mean more not just for your sake but for your organization’s sake and for the sake of all future generations of leaders that may follow in your footsteps.