Pro: Drug Testing Professional Athletes

Drug testing is imperative to keep all sports clean.

Many believe drug test for professional sports nationwide are overused to the point where it may be considered intrusive. Drug tests for professional athletes should remain the way they are now or be intensified to confirm that there are not any athletes taking performance enhancing drugs. The number of drug tests that athletes take should not be reduced because of a few complaints. The tests’ only purpose is to ensure the safety and fairness of the athlete and the sport involved.

Performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids are illegal. Every sport would be played unfairly with a ratio of the athletes taking steroids. Steroid-using athletes use these drugs to take the easy way out to build muscle and bulk up in a short period of time, primarily to have a speed and strength advantage over their opponents. This shortcut should be eliminated because the majority of athletes work hard to compete with the cheaters.

To make sure there are no athletes who cheat their way out with performance enhancing drugs, drug tests should be held consistently, or even more often, when suspicions rise against an athlete. Thorough check-ups should be given to all athletes even though it requires severely pestering them. They drag innocent athletes into these tests due to the liars who cheat their way out of situations.

Due to the lack of trustworthiness caused by numerous lying athletes, Lance Armstrong was continuously tested for drugs because of suspicious surroundings his amazing accomplishments, such as winning Tour de France seven consecutive times after surviving testicular cancer. Although he repeatedly stated that he did not take drugs, he was not believed. The hundreds of drug tests that Armstrong underwent did, in fact, prove him innocent. If the sport’s officials had only relied on testing, Armstrong would be considered a clean athlete. Plenty of athletes have been proved guilty with the aid of drug tests. Alex Rodriguez is considered to be one of the best all-around baseball player of all time. However, he tested positive of anabolic steroids in 2003. Rodriguez’s drug test emphasizes the point that performing enhancing drug tests should be required for even the biggest starts. Even though testing officials may go a little overboard with constant accusations such as in like Armstrong’s, complaints about drug tests should not be taken into consideration. At the end of the day, there will be athletes who lie and athletes who tell the truth, and under any circumstance, the only way to find the truth is a drug test.