Eye of the Editors: Changing Teachers

Some students at Diamond Bar have switched their teachers numerous times, while others have not had the benefit of such an option.

Every year there is the same mad rush to change classes. Students swarm grade level coordinators’ offices in a desperate attempt to get this teacher or that teacher. The inconsistency and bias among the GLCs, however, turns this annual tradition into an unpredictable, and often unfair, process.

Simply by luck, certain students have a better chance of changing teachers based on who their GLC is. Some GLCs are notorious for being inconvincible when it comes to altering a student’s schedule, while others are well-known for being overly flexible. However, it is not acceptable that students should rely on pure luck in order to determine their schedule. What teacher a student has may not only affect the students’ experience during the year, but also their grades and performance on AP tests. Therefore, there must be a more uniform policy across the board in order to give all students an equal chance at success.

This is especially important when prejudice and favoritism are taken into consideration. As responsible as our GLCs may be, they are still human. They may be more partial to some students than others, and obviously, this is a factor when deciding whether to switch a student’s class. This creates a skewed system that is difficult to understand and even more difficult to defend.

Also, the huge number of students switching teachers leads to an unbalanced proportion of pupils in certain classes. One teacher may have, at most, 16 or 17 students while other classes may be bursting at the seams. This leads to overcrowding and will drastically reduce the educational experience of each student.

In addition, much of this switching of teachers occurs on registration day. This automatically puts students with earlier registration days at a serious advantage as classes may fill up before these later students have the chance to switch their own classes. This directly contradicts the school administrators’ assertion that schedules are made prior to registration and the appointment dates have no real influence.

To eliminate the ability of GLCs to bypass more formal measures, the school should disable the feature in Aeries that allows GLCs to freely change a student’s classes. The school administration should also be more transparent with their policies. The policies should not be some unspoken secret that only a few are privy to. All students should be aware of the procedures and should be treated fairly by all grade level coordinators in order to create an equal educational environment.