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Eye of the Editors: Restroom

January 25

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Restrooms. Every human being needs them at some point, including Diamond Bar High School students. Going to the restroom is not a choice, so it is natural that the urge visits students during classes. However, after some student...

Eye of the Editors: Measure WV

December 6

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The  residents in the Walnut Valley Unified School District voted to pass Measure WV, the $152 million general bond, to upgrade 15 schools throughout WVUSD, including Diamond Bar High School, in November. Among the projects...

Eye of the Editors: District of Choice

November 10

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Back in August, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez had made it painfully clear that any attempt to renew the District of Choice program would be met with succinct and undemocratic death. As long as she was in office, there would b...

Eye of the Editors: California Propositions

Noor Naji, Asst. Opinion Editor

October 31

Filed under Election 2016, Eye of the Editors, Opinion, WEB EXCLUSIVE

Prop 56: Proposition 56 proposes a tobacco tax increase of $2 per pack of cigarettes and it would also increase  for other tobacco products and e-cigarettes as well. The Bull’s Eye supports this proposition, as money from the...

Eye of the Editors: The Bull’s Eye endorsement

October 12

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The Bull’s Eye editorial board is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president because of her policies on the issues of education and immigration, those which directly affect students. The staff views Clinton to be the most ex...

Eye of the editors: To the principal

May 18

Filed under Eye of the Editors, Opinion

After an entire school year without a permanent principal, Diamond Bar High School has a new leader. While student voice is limited on campus and students rarely are allowed the opportunity of offering suggestions on how to improve...

Eye of the Editors: Eliminate Flyers

April 13

Filed under Eye of the Editors, Opinion

  When the electronic kiosks first came to Diamond Bar High School, it seemed that the school would be paving the way for glittering new technology that would do away with the archaic and eco-destructive practice of putting...

Eye of the Editors: Cheating

March 16

Filed under Eye of the Editors, Opinion

When it comes to cheating, most would automatically think to put the blame on students. However, teachers in many cases ought to share the blame, for they let the cheating happen right under their noses. Rather than showing trust...

Eye of the Editors: PDA

February 24

Filed under Eye of the Editors, Opinion

Attention students of Diamond Bar High School—please, keep your hands to yourself. Tucked away in the pages of the DBHS official student handbook and planner is a rule that much of the student body seems unfamiliar with, one...

Eye of the Editors: Awareness

January 27

Filed under Eye of the Editors, Opinion

Despite what it may feel like at times, the purpose of school is not only to get into university or remember the right answers for a test, but also to educate students on becoming well-informed individuals. Yet today’s Diam...

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